Celebrating Recovery

The last few days have been full of ups and downs. I got to talk to my counselor tonight about all of them. She was amazed at how strong I was; how smart, how cool headed, and how compassionate I was through all the hurt and all the pain. I told her thank you, and she said, “You are doing all the hard work here.” She’s right. I’ve been changing myself. Its hard to change, but it’s so worth the effort.

Finding my voice online has been so empowering. Surrounding myself with supportive friends has helped me do things I never thought I could do. Strangely, taking on my online persona of the Handmaid of the Lord has helped me be more like him. Whether saying something uncomfortable in church that makes people think, or standing up for someone who needs support, that is what the Savior did. I can do it too.

Each person, no matter where they are can change the world around them. It just takes a little courage, and a lot of therapy! A blog also helps…..

I’m so thankful to everyone who has shown me love through my suffering right now. Each one of you has helped me more than you know. My heartfelt prayers tonight will praise you. You are my angels.

To those who don’t understand. That’s okay. We can figure it out. We are all on the same team. Satan is the enemy, not our brothers and sisters. We are here to help one another.

Mostly, praise be to the Master! He is the designer of my recovery; the sculptor of my future self. May I ever be his instrument to lift and inspire. Love to all, malice to none.

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