How to Have Kids When You’re Crazy

I’ve been following Chelsea for a while now. She posts specifically about the challenges of parenting with mental illness. Her mental health blog helps me not feel alone.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Awhile back, I advocated in favor of having children when you have a mental illness. Even at the time, I felt wishy-washy in doing so. I may talk the talk and chase after the children I’ve birthed, but I don’t exactly walk the walk.

Birthing children and raising them is HARD. Doing so whilst battling Depression or Anxiety or Bipolar is HARDER.

However, unless you’ve got a serious condition, producing a mini-you or two is possible. It’s worth it. It’s fun.


To anyone sitting on the fence of indecision, having a child is the best thing I ever did. To those reading this at 2 a.m. and feeling ready to return their child to the hospital, I’ll add that I’ve been there, too.

Mental illness or not, you need some helps in place when a kid comes around. Even those who don’t regularly admit to mental issues need helps. Babies…

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3 thoughts on “How to Have Kids When You’re Crazy

  1. Hello! I hope you’re doing well.

    After reading the comment thread over at Chelsea’s post at “The Bipolar Writer,” I was inspired to comment about giving away free PDFs of my books. I extend my offer to you and your followers, too. While I’m not religious, I am spiritual.I was raised in a Jewish home but I was not educated in the tenets of that religion. My psychiatrist is a devout Christian as well as a lay minister who inspires me to no end.

    Take care!!!!

    Dyane Harwood

    p.s. This is what I wrote in reponse to Chelea’s post:
    “If anyone wants a free PDF of my book “Birth of a New Brain–Healing from Postpartum Bipoalr Disorder” (in which I touched upon “dilemma of potentially passing on mental health challenges to the next generation.” mentioned above) please email me at”

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