Colours of a limited palette

Beautiful description of the symptoms of depression……

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It’s been a difficult time again. A ‘low period’ as various healthcare professional like to call it – don’t you just love the power of understatement. What a‘low period’ means for me is a blackness – I heard someone on TV the other day calling depression a blackness and there is simply no other colour that will do. Red is angry.Grey, black and washed out are the colours we have in our limited palette to describe something that is hard to describe, a situation where there seems nothing to hope for. But also it is a time when the physical act of placing one foot in front of the other acquires a level of difficulty that leaves me in awe of others who seem able to do it.

Interestingly I heard on the radio this morning an item about the lamentable under-diagnoses of PTSD available to members of the police…

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