Taking His Name

I’ve been practicing for my concert tomorrow.  I sing the Alto 2 part in the Dallas Millenial Choirs and Orchestras and we are having our Christmas concert tomorrow.  Because I have been so busy and troubled about many things, I haven’t taken much time to meditate on spiritual things.  I decided I would watch this video that popped up on my YouTube feed.  

Taking his name, or rather, the name handmaid of the lord, has had a curious effect on me.  It is almost like I have taken on a role in a strange live play in which I pretend to be Him.  It is like I have finally figured out that being a Christian is not really a cultural, political, or religious thing.  It is a spiritual remaking.  

My three year old and I watched this movie together and it always amazed me that he could always tell which actor was the Savior.  I wonder what it would be like to have that role, to try to BE Him.  How would I speak?  How would I walk?  What would my eyes say when they met with another person?  

I think every interaction He had with every person he came into contact with was significant.  Each and every person was important to him.  Could I be more like that?  If someone saw me walk down the street or go through a checkout lane at a store, would they know that I am a Christian?  That I am playing a part?  That I am trying to be like him?  Would they see in me, a shadow of His face?

Who have you met that really captured the spirit of the Master?  Who have you known that helped you know Him better?  What clues did you see in that person’s behavior or aura?

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