A Month of Blogging

November 2nd was the first day of my Broken Handmaid blog. I was looking over the stats and felt humbled by the people who have taken the time to hear what I have to say.

I had 742 people come to my blog. I had 1,377 views. I’ve had clicks from South Africa, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, Ireland, and even Hong Kong. I hope that in some way, somehow, my journey has been a benefit to you. I hope that my posts have inspired thought. I hope that my voice has been a voice of love and compassion inviting all people to come to Him who is Mighty to Save.

Tonight I get to bare my witness of Him with an amazing group of musicians. Last night we rehearsed the Brandon Stewart arrangement of Good Christian Men Rejoice. I wish I could post a video or an audio file that would better communicate the power of this incredible testimony. Read these words and imagine a heavenly chorus of a thousand angels singing it, and perhaps you will get the idea.

Good Christian Men Rejoice

With heart and soul and voice

Know ye what he came to do love, love!

Jesus Christ was born for you, laden with your grief and stain!

He suffered all your souls souls to gain.

Now ye need not fear the grave. Peace! Peace!

Jesus Christ was born to save!! BORN TO SAVE!!!

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